League Rules & Regulations

The G.T.W.B.H.L is associated with the O.B.H.A (Ontario Ball Hockey Association) all rules and regulations under the O.B.H.A must be followed during all games. An O.B.H.A. rule book will be given to each team rep early in the playing season. Please visit www.ontarioballhockey.ca or contact your team rep for all associated rules and regulations.

The G.T.W.B.H.L. is committed to running a league that is competitive fun, safe and fair for everyone. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated against any players, referees, league officials and/or spectators.

Fighting will not be tolerated by the league, on or off the floor. Anyone engaging in this type of activity may be subjected to a fine and/or suspension. All players must respect league rules, other players and league authorities (i.e. referee and timekeeper).

To be eligible to play in the G.T.W.B.H.L. you must be a registered player within our league, NO EXCEPTIONS. Goalie substitutions may be made but only within our league.

Floating Blue Line

Ball hockey rules are equivalent to Ice hockey, with one exception the floating blue line. This rule is to regulate off-sides. Once a player moves the ball over the blue line into the opponents zone (the area from behind their net to their blue line) the attacking zone increases to include the entire opponent’s half of the rink.

Players Equipment

Players must wear the jersey provided to them by the league and wear the mandatory ball hockey equipment, consisting of hockey gloves, CSA approved helmets, soccer-style shin guards and elbow pads are optional, but recommended. Please note if you choose to wear these items they MUST be covered. Plastic floor hockey-style sticks are not allowed.

Goaltenders Equipment All Goaltenders MUST wear full equipment, and must have a goalie stick, protective gloves, running shoes and a CSA approved hockey helmet with a full facial protection.

Duration of Play

G.T.W.B.H.L. games are two 16 minute stop-time periods. If a 5-goal differential exists at the start of or at any point during the second period play will become running time.

All games will begin upon their scheduled time, no exceptions so please ensure that your team is ready to begin play at their scheduled time (i.e. if your game is scheduled for 7 pm, the time will begin at 7 pm and teams will lose that playing time).

A team must have at least 5 players dressed and ready to play to start a game. A default will be given if a team does not have enough players to field a team at the beginning of the second period resulting in a 1-0 win for the other team.

All team reps must ensure that all their players sign the Official Game Sheet located at the registration desk in the arena lobby prior to game start. THE PLAYER THEMSELVES MUST SIGN THE GAME SHEET AND NO ONE ELSE.


All Referee decisions are final. Protests can only be done by email by the team captain to the league at Napoli.21@hotmail.com. There is a 24 hour rule in effect that no emails can be sent until 24 hours after the game time has elapsed. If a player challenges the referee's call during the game or at the arena, a penalty may be issued and/or the player given a one game suspension.


Playoffs format will be determined based on # of teams competing in each division and will be communicated via the schedule posted on the website.

In the event of a tie to determine team standings for playoffs, the following will apply:

  • Head to head record between teams in regular season
  • Team with the most wins overall
  • Highest differential in overall goals for minus goals against 
  • Fewest penalty minutes

During a semi-final or final game, if the score is tied after regulation time, there will be a 5 minute sudden death overtime, 4 vs. 4 hockey. If after the 5 minutes of overtime there is still no score, then the teams will face each other in a shootout (starting with 3 players). If after the 3 players, there is still a tie, one player at a time will be chosen to take the shootout until a winner is decided. Teams must exhaust their full roster before a player can be chosen a second time to take a shootout. If one team has fewer players than the other the team with the greater number of players can have players shoot a second time once the shorter team's roster has been exhausted.

League  Fees:

Team Registration - $1900

2019 GTWBHL Team Registration Form.pdf 2019 GTWBHL Team Registration Form.pdf
Size : 124.339 Kb
Type : pdf

Individual Registration - $185

2019 GTWBHL Individual Registration Form.pdf 2019 GTWBHL Individual Registration Form.pdf
Size : 156.996 Kb
Type : pdf

Team Roster Form:

2019 GTWBHL Team Roster.pdf 2019 GTWBHL Team Roster.pdf
Size : 92.665 Kb
Type : pdf